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New Delhi City Travel Guide

The Delhi travel guide to the capital city of India will rightfully feature some of the most important places to visit and things to do in Delhi. The capital city of Delhi is world-renowned for its wide and smooth roads, beautiful architectural buildings and monuments from the bygone era. Delhi is often considered as the heritage capital of Asia.

Delhi is northern India's largest city. One part of it, known as New Delhi is officially designated the capital of India, but the names are often used interchangeably.

History of Delhi

DelhiBeing the site of at least 10 different regimes in the history, this capital city has been ruled by countless rulers. Each one of these rulers has built one or more monument to commemorate their respective rule in the region. Delhi is known to be one of the oldest existing cities in the world. Over the millennia, Delhi is said to have been built and destroyed 11 times during different events in the history. The oldest incarnation of the city is said to have found place in the renowned Indian mythological epic Mahabharata as Indraprastha.

The charm of Delhi lies in its ability to take forward with it the legacy, culture and heritage of the dynasties that once ruled it. The zest and spirit of this city comes to life when the traditional customs work in tandem with modern thinking of its inhabitants. So, if on one side you have narrow streets in Chandni Chowk, on the other hand, you have wide and smooth network of roads in the heart of Delhi i.e. Connaught Place.

About Delhi

Delhi is a heaven for every avid shopper and Delhi travel guide will be incomplete without it. Modern-style malls, shopping complexes and emporiums have come up across the city especially in NCR region in Gurgaon and Noida. If you’re expecting a traditional or uniquely Indian shopping experience, trust me Chandni Chowk located in the interior of the Old Delhi region will rightly cater to your whims and fancies. If you’re more on a western-style, the Delhi travel guide will take you to do street smart shopping at Janpath. Rastrapati Bhavan

Delhi is a paradise for every foodie and every Delhi taste-bud features an affirmation for different varieties of food and cuisine from around the world. Delhi arguably offers the best street food in India. In fact, the Delhi travel guide features one of the most active groups of Food Enthusiasts of Delhi, who organize regular food walks to various parts and joints in the city. Also known as Raids, it is a non-commercial group formed by the people who have a passion and love for food. At the same time, the city also has an active night-life.

Well-connected by air, road and railways, Delhi boasts of a well-maintain travel system. With countless places to visit, from world heritage sites like Humayun tomb, Qutub Minar to the religious monuments and historical buildings, there are various museums and markets in the city that can be explored by the tourists from around the world.

Delhi Weather - Climate of Delhi

Delhi's climate is quite variable. It experiences all the three major seasons of the Indian Subcontinent – summer, rainfall, winter. The tourists can plan their visits according to their personal preferences by taking a note from the Delhi travel guide.

From April to June, temperatures are scorchingly hot (over 40°C is common) and, with every air-conditioner running at full blast, the city's creaking power and water infrastructure is strained to the breaking point and beyond. Monsoon rains deluge the city from July to September, flooding roads on a regular basis and bringing traffic to a standstill. In winter, especially December and January, temperatures can dip to near-zero which can feel a lot colder because central heating is largely unknown and homes are usually designed with a view to keep cool in the summers rather than warm in the winters.In addition the city is blanketed in thick fog, causing numerous flight cancellations and train delays. The shoulder seasons (Feb-Mar and Oct-Nov) are comparatively pleasant, with temperatures in the 20-30°C range, but short.


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